Macrame Tree of Life

A little while ago, I made this tree of life wall hanging and posted about it on Instagram. I really have to get better about cross-posting here!

this is the DIY package’s contents

I purchased a Zenbroidery DIY kit and followed its instructions to make it. I had some trouble with a few of the different knots, ones I really should make more often as they tend to be pretty basic, they’re just not in a lot of my jewelry pieces. I really want to make more home decor, both through macrame and through weaving.

finished! the first thing I’ve made in a while

I have a few small looms and I ordered a wonderful lightly used Mirrix loom (the Big Sister 16″) on eBay but there have been a ton of issues shipping it here. It’s been held up at the Tulsa post office for a week and a half, and is almost two weeks late! They told me it’s because there’s so much political mail right now that’s taking precedence, and because this is a parcel post that was ground-shipped, it’s “not important enough” for them to make any attempts for. It cost $32 to ship! The seller is very nice and apologetic but as of right now, there’s not much either of us can do. It especially sucks because it was my birthday present (my birthday was Oct 16). I took all of the money everyone gave me and put it towards that, so it’s very frustrating that I still haven’t received it!

In other news, I’m exploring my spirituality again. I posted a recent card draw from the Spirit Cats oracle deck on my Instagram and have also invested in a Tarot deck and a book or two (or three…) on reading the cards. As I said in my post, I’ve been stifling my spirituality for too long, under the guise of logic and skepticism, and it’s really been hurting me more than anything. Screw what other people think, I’m going to be authentic now. I’m exploring some Pagan schools of thought (there’s even Atheo-Paganism that embraces both atheism and paganism [similar to Pantheism], both of which I’ve been following for quite a while). (Check out my IG for pics and more:

Also, I’m now the proud owner of a Subaru Legacy! We bought it used a little bit before my birthday. Our lease on my Honda Civic was almost up, so we needed to do something, and this was a great deal on a Certified Used model.

subaru keys peace love rescue
Peace Love Rescue – Animal Aid Tulsa keychain!

For my birthday, we went to a local CBD place (CBD American Shaman) and I bought a water-based CBD supplement that has drastically reduced my daily pain levels. It’s amazing what a difference it’s made. I still wake up in pain, but it’s less than it was, and after sitting with my heating pad and taking my CBD, it’s usually very manageable. I’ve even been able to stop taking my prescription narcotic most days.

As awesome as this stuff is, I do NOT recommend the Pina Colada flavor!

October was a pretty good month. I’m still attempting to heal my grief from the loss of Serendipity (maybe more to come on that later) but I managed to have several good days last month.

Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day!